Naked man kills female jogger at the park

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Authorities were faced with a gruesome crime scene on Tuesday evening in Mannedorf on Lake Zurich, located approximately 12 miles southeast of Switzerland’s largest city. A woman jogger was fatally assaulted by a naked man who was reportedly screaming and attacking other people in a lakeside park. The Zurich cantonal police confirmed the disturbing incident on Wednesday.

According to police records, there were reports of a nude man behaving erratically in Alma Park around 8:00 pm. Witnesses reported the man was shouting and assaulting others.

Upon their rapid arrival at the scene, emergency services found a critically injured woman on the ground. Despite immediate resuscitation efforts, the woman succumbed to her serious injuries.

The suspect, a 19-year-old Swiss man, was also located at the park and taken into custody. The victim’s identity remains undisclosed as the police investigation continues, with authorities looking into possible ties between the suspect and the victim.

According to the Zurich cantonal police, the suspect will be handed over to the public prosecutor after his interrogation. He faces charges on counts of severe violent crime. As of now, there are no reports of further serious injuries suffered by individuals attacked by the suspect in the park.