OJ Simpson dies at age 76

LAS VEGAS, NV – OJ Simpson, the famed NFL player turned controversial figure, passed away at his home in Las Vegas on Wednesday, leaving behind a chequered legacy. At 76, the movie star and famous sportsman who made headlines in the 1995 “trial of the century,” lost his battle against prostate cancer.

Simpson, renowned for his lightning-quick speed on the field, leading to his nickname “The Juice,” was a popular figure in the late ’60s and ’70s. His athletic prowess earned him a Heisman Trophy at the University of Southern California and 11 successful NFL seasons. After his NFL stint, he comfortably transitioned into acting and brand endorsements with roles in television shows and films like Roots and The Naked Gun.

However, his life took a dramatic turn when he was accused of murder in 1994. Simpson was on trial for the brutal killings of Nicole Brown Simpson, his ex-wife, as well as her friend Ronald Goldman. A high-profile, sensational court case ensued, captivating the nation. Despite a substantial amount of incriminating evidence, Simpson was acquitted in a verdict that stirred emotional responses throughout the country.

Post-acquittal, Simpson faced financial hardship, which led to him auctioning off his Heisman Trophy and other possessions. The funds raised, just shy of $500,000, were collected by the Goldman family. The court blocked other potential income sources, such as memoirs and television interviews, after backlash from the victims’ families.

Simpson’s troubled life continued when he was convicted in an armed robbery case in 2007, resulting in a nine-year sentence at a Nevada prison. Recently released in 2017, Simpson had been active on social media and was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

Born in 1947, Simpson grew up in San Francisco’s government-subsidized housing. After his NFL fame and short-lived Hollywood career, he married twice and had five children. Despite his controversial life events, public interest in Simpson’s life never faded.