Uber passenger fatally shot inside car

CHICAGO, IL – Early on Wednesday morning, a rideshare passenger was fatally shot in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, coinciding with Uber’s announcement of enhanced safety measures within its app.

The fatal shooting occurred around 1 a.m. when a dark-colored sedan pursued the rideshare vehicle and opened fire on it. The passenger, who is yet to be identified, was transported to the University of Chicago Hospital, where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Uber’s recent safety enhancements target to protect both riders and drivers. The updates provide an option for audio recording, trip sharing, PIN verification, and ride checks. The triggering can be configured based on the timing, location (within 50 ft. of bars and restaurants), or for every trip.

Uber’s director of safety public policy, Emilie Boman, commented, “No matter the journey, we want riders to have peace of mind when using the Uber app.” The new safety preferences cater to improved choice and control over riders’ safety measures.

Full-time Uber driver Emeka Udezd welcomed the updated safety features, expressing concerns about the potential risks in areas like Englewood. He appreciated the guiding principle of the new system ensuring drivers’ safety even with passengers on board.

However, Steven Everette from the Independent Driver’s Guild of Chicago suggested that enhancing app features may not successfully prevent incidents like the Englewood shooting.