Old man assaulted after accidentally walking into the wrong house

SAN ANTONIO, TX – In a disturbing incident, a man from Texas reportedly assaulted his neighbor after mistakenly entering the latter’s home, believing it to be his own. The assailant allegedly confused his neighbor for an intruder.

The incident happened early Monday at around 1:25 AM, where Eric Collazo is said to have entered the elderly man’s home with his house key. The elderly man reported to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office that a tall man dressed entirely in black suddenly appeared, yelling and assaulting him while he was in his bathroom.

In the aftermath of the terrifying run-in, the elderly man was rushed to a local hospital with multiple injuries, including three broken ribs. He is currently stable but recovering.

Collazo’s link to the incident was identified by evidence found at the scene, including a cell phone left in the bathroom, stated the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Upon his interaction with authorities, they detected a strong alcohol scent.

Collazo was subsequently detained and faces charges of bodily harm to an elderly person, according to court records. He posted a $10,000 bond and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 1.

In a bizarre twist, inspectors learned that Collazo’s key also operates the front door lock of the elderly neighbor’s house. It functioned perfectly when deputies attempted to unlock the victim’s door with Collazo’s key. At this point, it is still unclear as to why this anomaly occurred.

Johnny Garcia, a public information officer for BCSO, stated that investigators speculate it might be tied to the house builder.

The baffling incident has left the local community anxious and puzzled, with one neighbor expressing his disbelief at the situation and calling it “unfortunate.”