Old woman shot by stray bullet while sitting on her walker

BROOKLYN, NY – A random shooting on Monday in Brooklyn that ended up injuring an 84-year-old woman has stirred up the community and officials. The elderly woman was out on her walker in the vicinity of Foster and Brooklyn avenues when the man began firing indiscriminately into a crowd, according to local news sources.

The woman was hit in her left arm by one of the stray bullets. She was immediately taken to a local hospital, where she was reportedly in stable condition. Officials on the scene reported discovering as many as 20 spent bullet casings, suggesting sustained gunfire.

The suspect who indulged in the shooting has not yet been apprehended. Police officials are seeking any assistance from the community to help identify and locate the suspect. Initial investigations suggest that the elderly woman was unintentionally targeted and appears to be a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Witnesses of the shooting described a chaotic scene where panicked onlookers scurried to safety at the sounds of gunfire. Among these witnesses, the elderly victim was noted for her fortitude in the face of adversity, with one remarking that she had called her family, informing them about what had happened while at the same time maintaining her sense of humor.

City official Council Member Farah Louis condemned the mindless violence and expressed concern that gun violence was becoming a frequent occurrence in the community.