One dead, two injured in daylight shooting

CHICAGO, IL – A man was fatally shot while two others were critically injured in a daylight shooting in Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood on Monday morning. The incident, involving at least 18 gunshots, occurred on the 700 block of East 104th Street. According to local law enforcement, the three individuals were standing on the sidewalk when an assailant emerged from an alley and opened fire.

Among the victims, one 64-year-old man was killed, while two others, aged 53 and 35, were critically injured, and are now in the University of Chicago Hospital with several gunshot wounds to their upper bodies.

Residents in the area knew the deceased victim as the block’s handyman. A member of the surviving victims’ extended family disclosed that the two men lived inside the house where the incident happened while the elderly victim was visiting at the time of the shooting.

Pastor Donovan Price, who arrived on the scene following the shooting, recounted seeing multiple shell casings on the sidewalk. Overwhelmed by the continuous violence, he said, “At some point, you just want to lift your head to heaven and say please, god, just let it stop.”

The reasons behind the violent incident remain unclear, and no individuals are currently in custody.