Parents hide son’s decomposing body inside freezer before moving out

HEADLAND, AL – A couple is now in custody, facing serious allegations of concealing their son’s deceased body in a freezer before relocating from their residence. The incident unfolded on Sunday, October 29, when authorities from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence on Bradford Drive in Headland, following reports of a discovered deceased individual.

Upon arriving at the scene, Sheriff Eric Blankenship and his deputies made a grim discovery—an extremely decomposed body, believed to be that of 19-year-old Logan Michael Halstead from Headland, concealed inside an overturned freezer in the backyard of the property. Shockingly, the body had reportedly been stored in the freezer since late August.

After extensive investigations, law enforcement located and apprehended the parents of the deceased, 44-year-old Michael Shane Halstead and 43-year-old Karen Tysinger Halstead, in Jack, Alabama. They were subsequently charged with Abuse of a Corpse and are currently held in the Henry County Jail without bond.

Sources with knowledge of the situation indicated that the Halsteads had neglected to pay rent, leading the landlord to sell the property to its current occupants, who stumbled upon the shocking discovery while attempting to clean the premises.

Sheriff Blankenship has confirmed that Logan’s body is undergoing an official autopsy by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences. Depending on the findings of the autopsy, the couple may potentially face additional charges related to murder.

While the Headland Police are assisting with the investigation, the primary agency overseeing the case is the Henry County Sheriff’s Department.