Park shooting leaves 14-year-old boy dead

LANCASTER, CA – A 14-year-old boy was killed in a shooting incident at El Dorado Park in Lancaster. The unfortunate event took place around 8.30 p.m. on Monday in the 44500 block of 5th Street E. Investigators are yet to apprehend any suspects.

The deceased was identified as Benny Molina. His grief-stricken mother, Rosalie Gutierrez, recalled him as her “only boy” and expressed an agonizing apology to her lost child. A makeshift memorial paying tribute to Benny with candles, flowers, and balloons now stands at the location of the tragic incident.

Gutierrez recounted the chilling details of her son’s untimely death provided by a close friend who was with Benny when the fatal shooting occurred. Benny was reportedly observing graffiti on a park wall when he was mortally shot.

Authorities have reported that several cars were seen fleeing the scene immediately after the shooting. Presently, they have neither identified any suspects nor determined any motive.

Benny’s mother spoke of her son, rejecting any possible cause for his brutal attack. Benny was a student and a devoted football player with aspirations of playing at the college level.

The loss of her son has hit the family hard, especially the absence of his presence in their shared love for football. As she mourns her son’s premature death, Gutierrez is trying to make sense of the inexplicable tragedy.