Pastor gets shot while leaving concert

HOUSTON, TX – Pastor Thomas Wilson of Houston is calling for legal action after surviving a violent robbery and shooting, hoping that his account can aid in the capture of the assailant. The bizarre incident occurred last week as the 61-year-old pastor was departing from RodeoHouston.

The incident unraveled as Wilson and his church secretary returned to their parked vehicle after attending a Nickelback concert. Wilson noted that his car, parked along Interchange Drive due to lack of onsite parking, had been broken into when they arrived.

As he attempted to call for assistance, the pastor was accosted by a man in black who he had previously denied a request to use his phone. Subsequently threatened at gunpoint, Wilson contemplated surrendering his belongings before realizing that the man would likely use the firearm on him and his secretary.

Choosing to act, Wilson tried to disarm the felon, leading to a struggle that ended with him getting shot in both shoulders. The perpetrator managed to escape with Wilson’s bag, leaving his shoe, phone, and a vape behind.

Houston Police are examining the evidence and are investigating whether the robber was also responsible for the vehicle burglary earlier in the evening.

As he recovers with his family, Wilson, who also assists troubled teenagers in a school, emphasizes the need for the offender’s capture to prevent further crimes.