Police find 45 bags of human remains after several people go missing

Officials in northern Mexico have unearthed 45 bags filled with human remains on the outskirts of Guadalajara.

An ongoing investigation aims to establish the number of deceased individuals and their identities.

The bags held the remains of both men and women, as reported by Jalisco’s state prosecutor’s office on Wednesday night. Teams of firefighters and civil defense personnel retrieved the remains from a gorge at a forest overlook.

These bags were discovered while authorities were searching for seven individuals reported missing in the past week. Whether the missing people are connected to the unearthed remains is yet to be confirmed.

The state prosecutor’s office responded to the scene after a report of potential body parts at the location.

The grim task began in earnest on Tuesday with the initial discovery of a black plastic bag containing human remains. The exhaustive search was resumed on Wednesday, with authorities committed to locating all the bags.