Police officer arrested for shooting his wife in the face

In a shocking turn of events, a Houston police officer was suspended from duty after he reportedly shot his wife in what he claims was an accident during an attempted home invasion.

Galib Waheed Chowdhury, 31, appeared before a Harris County judge, where he was formally charged with aggravated assault of a family member, resulting in serious bodily injury. His bail was set at $125,000.

Chowdhury, who served in the Houston Police Department’s Northwest Division for two years, has a clean record with no prior convictions.

However, his conduct came under scrutiny when local authorities responded to a shooting incident at Westerly Apartments on Clay Road, early Monday morning.

Upon arrival, the emergency crew found Chowdhury’s wife, a 30-year-old woman, with gunshot wounds to her face and hand. She was rushed to a nearby trauma center where she remains in stable condition following surgery.

Chowdhury presented the shooting as a regrettable accident, asserting that an intruder had attempted to break into their home. However, he failed to provide a description of the alleged assailant or any insight into their potential escape route.

Notably, police found no signs of forced entry at the residence, casting doubt on Chowdhury’s account. Upon inspection of the couple’s living room, a pile of clothing complete with hangers and a piece of luggage was discovered.

Text messages allegedly sent by Chowdhury to his wife prior to the shooting were revealed in court. These communications suggested a heated exchange, where Chowdhury seemed to be distressed, demanded her location, and used derogatory language towards his wife.

Although the victim refrained from providing a statement to the police, she confided in the medical staff that her injuries were the result of an accidental shooting by her husband. These revelations have led investigators to consider the possibility of domestic violence as a factor in the case.

The question of Chowdhury’s continued employment with the department remains unresolved and will be decided by the chief.