Police officer shoots suspect to death during car chase

KENT, WA – In a recent incident, a Kent police officer was compelled to use lethal force, fatally shooting one of two suspects who were believed to be linked to a stolen vehicle during a pursuit that unfolded on a Tuesday afternoon.

Around 12:20 p.m., Kent police officers received a report regarding a suspicious circumstance. Two males, whose ages have not been disclosed, had left a vehicle in a driveway, claiming they were out of gas. Subsequently, they walked to a nearby gas station situated at the intersection of 272nd Street and Military Road South.

As the officers delved into the situation, they discovered that the vehicle left in the 911 caller’s driveway had been reported as stolen. Confronting the suspects, one of them attempted to flee on foot. During this pursuit, an officer radioed that the suspect in question was armed with a knife, according to the Kent Police Department.

The pursuit continued into a nearby neighborhood, and officers closed in on the fleeing suspect. Subsequently, an officer reported that shots had been fired. Despite life-saving efforts, the suspect succumbed to their injuries at the scene. Meanwhile, the other suspect did not attempt to flee and was taken into custody without any further incident. This individual was subsequently booked on a previous traffic warrant.

During the course of these events, no officers sustained any injuries. However, the officer who discharged their firearm will be put on paid administrative leave, which is the standard procedure in these cases. In a bid to ensure impartiality and transparency, the Valley Independent Investigation Team has been asked to conduct an independent investigation as well. Furthermore, Port of Seattle detectives will lead the investigative efforts.