Pre-teen makes seven bomb threats to Maryland schools

ROCKVILLE, MD – In a surprising turn of events, a 12-year-old individual responsible for sending seven bomb threats to Maryland schools this month did so with the knowledge that state law would shield them from prosecution, according to an announcement by local law enforcement on Wednesday. The intricacies of Maryland law dictate that children under the age of 13 can only face charges for offenses categorized as “crimes of violence,” a stipulation highlighted by Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones.

The child in question, it was confirmed by a police spokesperson, was well aware of the legal constraints shielding them from charges even before engaging with detectives. During discussions with investigators, the suspect confessed to sending menacing emails targeting Montgomery Blair High School on multiple occasions in October, including the 13th, 16th, 17th, and subsequently on Monday and Tuesday. The suspect also admitted responsibility for separate bomb threats via email on October 15, directed at Oak View Elementary School and Silver Spring International Middle School.

Chief Jones acknowledged that the suspect’s identification was made possible with assistance from the IT staff at Montgomery County Public Schools. In light of the situation, Jones expressed his dismay, remarking, “It is disheartening to accept that the individual responsible for disrupting the educational process and instilling fear in our community was well aware of the legal limitations surrounding their age. They understood that they could not be charged under current Maryland statutes.”

Jones further characterized the threats as “reckless and dangerous,” underscoring the substantial financial and operational strain they imposed on his department. He lamented the diversion of law enforcement resources away from other pressing calls for service, deeming it unacceptable and potentially compromising community safety.