Pregnant woman shot to death outside of CVS store

A devastating incident occurred in Seattleā€™s Belltown district on Tuesday morning, resulting in the tragic death of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Authorities reported that a 37-year-old man and the 34-year-old expectant mother were in a stationary vehicle on 4th Avenue, paused at the Lenora traffic light, when they were targeted. The woman was urgently transported to Harborview, but despite the resolute efforts of the medical team, she and her unborn child succumbed to their injuries five hours post-incident.

Eyewitnesses who spoke to KIRO 7 reported hearing about five gunshots. Images captured at the scene revealed a white Tesla, its front doors ajar, positioned at the heart of the investigation.

The grim scene unfolded just outside a bustling CVS store. One individual present at the CVS, who requested anonymity, reported receiving a mobile alert about a potentially dangerous person in the vicinity prior to the incident.

This individual received this alert from the Citizen App, warning of a man with a rifle in the Belltown area. Shortly after, another alert about gunshots in the area popped up on his device.

Seattle PD is currently investigating whether the man seen with a rifle in the area is the same individual who perpetrated the shooting. The incident took place just two blocks away from where the armed man was spotted, adjacent to the CVS entrance.

Witnesses describe the horror as they watched the car at a stoplight become the scene of a brutal shooting. The chilling after-effects of the incident were all too visible, with bloodstains marking the road and bullet holes in the car’s driver-side window.

Many witnesses directed the police towards the shooter. The man accompanying the victim in the car survived the incident with non-life-threatening injuries. The police, however, have not commented on the relationship between the shooter and the victims.

In the aftermath, a suspect was apprehended nearby, and a firearm was retrieved.

Authorities are yet to determine if the victims were specifically targeted in this tragic incident.