Road rage incident ends in police shooting and hostage rescue

A suspect was shot by police in Colorado following a road rage incident that escalated into a hostage situation, according to authorities. The incident began around 5:30 p.m. local time on Friday. A reported being shot at while driving near Interstate 25 and Colfax Avenue, according to Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas. Although the caller was unharmed, his vehicle was struck by gunfire. The caller followed the truck from which the shots were fired until officers arrived and discovered the truck empty, Thomas said during a news conference.

Denver police officers monitored the vehicle until approximately 11 p.m. local time, when four individuals entered the truck and drove away, the chief stated. The officers pursued the truck and attempted to stop it. However, shots were reportedly fired from the vehicle towards the officers, prompting a chase. Eventually, police employed a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT maneuver) to halt the truck. Once the truck came to a stop, a male occupant took a female hostage at gunpoint, Thomas explained.

Officers engaged in negotiations with the suspect, urging him to release the hostage and discard the weapon. Despite their efforts, the suspect refused to comply. Consequently, an officer fired a single shot, striking the suspect and causing injury. However, the male suspect did not release control of the female hostage. Negotiations continued until both individuals were safely secured.

The suspect was transported to a hospital, where he is currently in stable condition. The female hostage also required medical attention due to a significant cut on her lower extremity, likely caused by shattered glass. The two remaining individuals inside the truck were taken into custody and transported to nearby hospitals. Authorities have yet to determine the extent of their involvement in the initial road rage incident.

The Denver Police Department is conducting an ongoing investigation to establish the roles and potential criminal activities of the four individuals. Chief Thomas emphasized the need to determine their level of culpability in the incident.