Swamp Creature Goes For a Swim In Florida Family’s Backyard

Florida family finds 11-foot alligator in their backyard swimming pool – New York Post

A gator woke up a sleeping family in Deep Creek by going for a swim in their pool. Police removed the 550-pound alligator from the family’s pool after it tore through a screened enclosure. It made plenty of noise as it entered the backyard, warning the family of its intrusive entrance.

The alligator was nearly 11 feet long, which is not a size that’s easy to wrangle- even for the experts!

This is why the family called the police, that way the gator could be handled in a humane way without putting any of the family members in danger. Deputies and an alligator trapper worked together to capture the intimidating creature.

The alligator had escaped from a mating season in southwest Florida, which typically occurs between May and June.

Zoo professionals suggest that if you see an alligator in a domesticated area, it’s best to leave it alone. Giving the animal space will prevent it from thinking that it’s being threatened and diffuses any potential for attacks.

This incident also prompted the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office to give citizens a reminder to check the pool before diving in. You never know what kinds of critters might try to hop in the pool with you!

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