Semi-truck accident kills several victims in devastating collision

A Phoenix family confirms a loved one perished in a violent accident on Interstate 10 this past Thursday morning. According to Nikki Johnson, she lost her partner, Ryan Gooding, in an early morning semi-truck accident.

It was a morning Johnson will never forget. “This is my worst nightmare,” said the woman. “I got a text from his front desk administrative assistant and they said Ryan didn’t come in today and that was at 11.”

She grew increasingly desperate when Gooding did not answer her calls or texts. “The first thing I did, I’m a techy, is I Googled and saw the crash, and I don’t know. It’s just so unlike him to never not text,” she said.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a distracted semi-truck driver hit two cars and killed five people- including Gooding.

The couple was looking forward to getting married in June. Additionally, they have a 9-year-old son named Apollo.

In recent hours, she has suffered excruciating pain. Johnson shared, “I’m fluctuating between crying and making dumb jokes, because me and Ryan like to make lots of jokes and crying some more, staying strong for Apollo and talking about heaven and where we go.”

If Johnson hopes to convey one message, it’s to never take your loved ones for granted.

To help with funeral expenses, the family has set up a GoFundMe account.