Serial killer who fed his victims’ bodies to pigs gets murdered in prison

TORONTO, CANADA – Renowned Canadian murderer Robert Pickton, infamous for luring his victims to his Vancouver-adjacent hog farm during the later part of the ’90s and early 2000s, has met his end. Friday reports from prison officials detail the 74-year-old’s demise at Quebec’s Port-Cartier Institution, a consequence of a brutal assault perpetrated by his fellow inmate.

From serving a life sentence to confronting death, the notorious figure, responsible for a string of gruesome killings, was subject to an attack on May 19. Following his affliction, Pickton was hospitalized, where he eventually passed away. His criminal narrative, involving a series of cold-blooded murders of 26 women, made him one of Canada’s most-reported serial killers, with his misdeeds catching global attention.

Holding an inmate older by nine years responsible for the fatal onslaught on Pickton, law enforcement spokesperson Hugues Beaulieu disclosed prior to this announcement.

Over two decades prior, law enforcement initiated their probe into Pickton’s farm, located in the suburban landscape of Vancouver’s Port Coquitlam. This heralded an intensive multi-year examination into the baffling disappearances of countless women hailing from Vancouver’s neglected zones, overwhelmingly constituted by sex workers and drug addicts left forsaken by society.

The farm, which once served as Pickton’s killing field, yielded evidence of his monstrous activities. Either remains or DNA samples of 33 women were unearthed, and Pickton himself, during an interaction with an undercover police officer, admitted to ending the lives of a total of 49 women. His chilling tale of murder was further corroborated during his trial by a prosecution witness, Andrew Bellwood.

Family members of his victims view Pickton’s death as an avenue for closure. One such individual, Cynthia Cardinal, sister of Georgina Papin, who fell prey to Pickton’s brutality, expressed her relief at no longer bearing the burden of her sister’s horrific end.

Canada’s correctional service announced an examination into the circumstances encompassing the attack on Pickton. In the wake of the convict’s passing, Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc extended his empathy towards the families of the women that Pickton victimized.