Severe abuse leaves 12-year-old dead weighing 50 pounds

CHESTER COUNTY, PA – The painful death of Malinda Hoagland, a 12-year-old girl who was discovered in an emaciated state, has led to her father, Rendell Hoagland, and his girlfriend, Cindy Warren, standing accused of kidnapping and potentially facing charges of murder.

On May 4, local emergency services received a distress call from Rendell Hoagland, who reported that his daughter was unconscious. Responders found the girl in critical condition and she was immediately transported to a local hospital. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, she died during treatment. Prosecutors disclosed that the young girl weighed just 50 lbs and had several broken bones when found.

Investigations on the part of the local authorities uncovered a troubling tale. They revealed that Malinda had been withdrawn from her school in late 2023 and moved to a homeschooling setup. Further, digital evidence recovered from Rendell’s and Cindy’s phones provided a chilling insight into the living conditions of the child. It included footage of Malinda, reportedly bound to furniture, while subjected to verbal abuse via a speaker system, presumably from Rendell and Warren. Prosecutors claim that physical exertion and food deprivation were used as punishment against the girl.

Christopher L. de Barrena-Sarobe, the Chester County District Attorney, praised law enforcement and first responders for their efforts in this tragic case. He highlighted the extremity of the child’s suffering, promising that justice would be delivered.

The legal charges against the accused include attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault, and kidnapping, amongst others. Should medical evidence support it, a murder charge may still be added, prosecutors warn. The pair are currently being held on a bail amount set at $1 million. Legal representation and pleas from the two accused remain undisclosed.