Shooter arrested for killing groom days before his wedding

A previously convicted felon has been arrested in connection to the murder of a man just days away from his New York wedding.

Louis Antuwn Redmon, a 23-year-old Florida resident, was taken into custody on Wednesday. He is facing charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery, armed carjacking, and possession of a weapon as a felon.

Redmon is suspected of the cold-blooded murder of Hershy Schwartz, a well-respected 39-year-old from the local Orthodox Jewish community. The victim of the shooting was preparing to tie the knot with his fiancée, Rosie Brustowsky.

The incident occurred on February 19, in the parking lot of a local Wendy’s restaurant, where security footage showed Redmon apparently engaging in a physical altercation with Schwartz before shooting him, as stated in an arrest warrant cited by WPLG.

In a chilling twist, Redmon allegedly used Schwartz’s cellphone to communicate with a woman and her son, both of whom were incarcerated, making them inadvertent witnesses to his crime. In one such interaction, Redmon described seeing a man sleeping in his vehicle prior to the fatal incident, according to WPLG.

Investigation by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office led them to Redmon, a resident of Jacksonville, who was staying at a North Miami Beach hotel at the time of the crime. The arrest was facilitated by fingerprints and ballistic evidence linking him to the shooting.

Following Schwartz’s murder, his brother Yoel implored the public for assistance in bringing the killer to justice. Redmon, now held without bond, had been released from prison only months before the shooting after serving a three-year term for possession of a firearm by a felon.