Shooter guilty of murdering his pregnant ex-fiancé

LAKEVILLE, MN – Monte McCray, a 32-year-old man, has confessed to the second-degree murder of his pregnant ex-fiancé, Kyla O’Neal, and their newborn son, Messiah. The tragic incident occurred on January 8, after O’Neal, 31, had dropped McCray off at his workplace, an Amazon warehouse in Lakeville. The couple had parted ways just hours before the fatal shooting.

According to the charges, McCray told the investigators that O’Neal had brought his belongings, including firearms, when she picked him up from his mother’s residence. McCray initially stated that the shooting was accidental, happening while he was trying to unload one of the firearms, which led to O’Neal being shot in the neck.

The family of O’Neal informed the police that McCray had shown aggressive tendencies towards O’Neal earlier that day. He had also issued threats to O’Neal and her family, asserting that they were not “bulletproof.” McCray had reportedly threatened O’Neal with death if she brought another man into his children’s lives.

Security camera footage from the Amazon parking lot captured McCray leaving O’Neal’s vehicle and opening the rear passenger-side door. The vehicle then drove off, with McCray chasing after it. O’Neal reversed the vehicle, causing an open car door to push McCray backward. She then parked the vehicle, and McCray started shooting.

After viewing the footage, McCray admitted to shooting out of anger, but insisted that he did not know a bullet was still in the chamber. O’Neal’s son, Messiah, died nine days after his emergency delivery. McCray pleaded guilty to the murders of O’Neal and Messiah on October 9. His sentencing is scheduled for December 12, where he is expected to be sentenced to 40 years in prison.