Shooting erupts in gated community, 16-year-old girl shot

Two individuals, including a 16-year-old girl, fell victim to a shooting that erupted late Monday night in a gated community in Georgia.

The unsettling event occurred within the boundaries of the Fairfield Plantation development on Northgate Drive, according to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

Just before midnight, local law enforcement personnel responded to the urgent call. They found a teenage girl and a 20-year-old male suffering from gunshot injuries.

Following immediate assessments, the injured girl was quickly transported to a hospital in Atlanta for necessary medical attention. The young man, however, chose not to seek immediate medical help at the location. Information regarding the girl’s health status wasn’t readily available.

Initial findings indicated that a gathering at the location was suddenly disrupted by gunfire, believed to be from two separate individuals. This information was shared by the sheriff’s office, which also added that its investigators have been working tirelessly to accumulate evidence and conduct interviews that might aid in identifying the culprits.