Shots Fired As Armed Gunman Tries To Breach Cincinnati FBI Building

Armed man tries to breach Cincinnati FBI building leading to shots fired, standoff – WLWT Cincinnati

Police say a man attempted to breach a visitor screening facility at the Cincinnati FBI building. After fleeing, the man headed north on Interstate 71, where he was spotted 20 minutes later by a state trooper. A chase ensued, and the suspect was shot dead after he raised a gun.

FBI Director Christopher Wray released a statement following the attempted breach and fatal standoff. He said that the threats against law enforcement are dangerous and should be deeply concerning to all Americans.

Investigators are looking into whether the man had ties to extremist groups, including one that participated in the Capitol attack.

The suspect fired shots from his vehicle before getting off the highway, stopping near Smith Road in Clinton County. The suspect and law enforcement officers exchanged gunfire, leading to a standoff, during which the suspect was shot and killed by law enforcement officers.

The suspect was identified as Ricky Shiffer. Shiffer claimed he was present at the Capitol building when rioters attacked on Jan. 6, but was not charged with any crimes. He also made questionable posts on Twitter.

The chase disrupted daily life in the area. Donna Bowman, 67, works on a nearby farm and said she and her boss watched the cornfields as the standoff wore on. Frankie Robinson, 61, said the commotion was out of character for the area.

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