Six juvenilles arrested for mall shooting

NORTHRIDGE, CA – On Friday night at Northridge Fashion Center in California, a shooting incident led to a chaotic scene with at least 6 people detained. Responding to the situation around 6 p.m., the Los Angeles Police Department witnessed shards of glass scattered across the outdoor patio of H2O Sushi & Izakaya, a restaurant in the vicinity, due to shattered windows.

Eyewitness accounts described a terrifying scenario where shoppers scrambled for safety as gunshots rang through the mall. Dave Savel, who was dining at the neighboring Buffalo Wild Wings, expressed shock at the sudden violence disrupting his family gathering. The loud noise and ensuing confusion saw people fleeing in panic to avoid potential harm.

Reports from LAPD suggest a dispute among a group of local juveniles triggered the incident. Witness Dave Savel confirmed this claim when he described there being a scattering of youths in hoodies during the aftermath of the shooting. The area around the Japanese restaurant remained cordoned off by the police as they handcuffed the suspects, while the rest of the mall continued to be open to shoppers on Black Friday.

The incident fortunately did not result in any injuries, according to LAPD. Some of the businesses and restaurants in proximity to the incident were evacuated as a safety measure.

LAPD issued a statement after the incident, confirming their ongoing investigation into the shooting, and their commitment to ensuring safety at shopping centers throughout Los Angeles during the holiday season.