Six-year-old beaten to death with a baseball bat during home invasion

GEORGETOWN, Texas- A 6-year-old boy’s life was tragically altered when a neighbor allegedly broke into his home and assaulted him. The boy, identified only as Jeremy by his father Arturo, had recently celebrated achievements in jiu-jitsu and soccer, and was learning Chinese characters.

Jeremy’s father, Arturo, shared that his son was full of excitement for the new week, eager to return to his jiu-jitsu classes and show off his new belt. The boy’s enthusiasm was cut short in the early hours of September 11 when a violent incident occurred in their quiet Georgetown neighborhood.

According to an affidavit, Williamson County deputies responded to a disturbance on Rock Mill Loop around 5 a.m. The document alleges that 39-year-old Daniel Logan, a neighbor, assaulted his mother with a baseball bat before forcing his way into Arturo’s home and attacking Jeremy. Arturo, who has lived in the same house since 2014 without any previous issues, found his son in a critical condition. “He was hit in the back of his head, shattering his skull into pieces,” Arturo said, adding that doctors in the ICU have informed him that his son may not survive.

Reflecting on the incident, Arturo gave insight about the impact of his son’s untimely death. “Darkness came into my house and took away my candle,” he said, referring to his son. “He gave us six wonderful years.”

As of now, the motive behind Logan’s alleged actions remains unclear. He currently faces two first-degree felony charges, including injury to a child and aggravated assault using a deadly weapon against a family member. A GoFundMe campaign has also been launched in an atttempt to assist Jeremy’s family during this difficult time.