Son beheads his father, posts it on Youtube

MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP, PA – A chilling murder case has come to light in Pennsylvania. Justin Mohn, 32, has been accused of the graphic murder of his own father, 68-year-old Michael Mohn. The accused is currently under arrest on suspicion of first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and possessing an instrument of crime with intent.

According to information released by the Middletown Township Police, Mohn allegedly beheaded his father and showcased the grisly act in a YouTube video named “Mohn’s Militia – Call To Arms For American Patriots.” In the shocking 14-minute video, which has since been removed by YouTube for violation of its graphic violence and violent extremism policies, Mohn is seen donning gloves and displaying his father’s decapitated head in a plastic bag and later a cooking pot. Within the video, he launches verbal attacks on a variety of political groups.

Court records reveal that Mohn had previously filed lawsuits against federal entities and his ex-employer, alleging negligent student loan practices and wrongful termination. His previous social media activity highlights an interest in dystopian science fiction, with Mohn publicly promoting his self-released music and books.

Denice Mohn, the suspect’s mother, discovered her husband’s horrifically mutilated body in their Middletown Township home and alerted the police around 7 pm on Tuesday. Beyond the gruesome murder scene, law enforcement officials located a machete and a large kitchen knife in the bathtub, as well as a pair of bloodstained, clear rubber gloves similar to the ones Mohn was wearing in the YouTube video.

Police ultimately apprehended the suspect approximately 100 miles away at Fort Indiantown Gap, acting on location feedback from his mobile device. The location, near Harrisburg, PA, serves as a training facility for the National Guard. Mohn was reportedly armed with a firearm at the time of arrest. Current court records do not list an attorney for Mohn.