Speeding teen driver kills ex-cop riding motorcycle

MESA, AZ – A tragic accident involving an Arizona teenager speeding in a sports car left a former police officer and father of two dead on the Mesa highway last week. Rachel Berg, 18, was purportedly driving her new Chevy Corvette at 155 mph on the night of March 12 when she crashed into a motorcycle ridden by Michael Clark, a 46-year-old Tempe park ranger and former Tacoma, Washington police officer.

Clark, who was reportedly thrown off his bike, died despite Berg’s immediate attempts to administer CPR at the accident scene. However, when questioned, Berg told law enforcement officers that she could not stop her vehicle in time to prevent the collision.

According to the data recovered from the airbag control module in her Corvette, Berg was traveling at an immense speed of 155 mph just mere seconds before the crash. The data also revealed that she had decelerated to 87 mph at the time of the collision.

On Monday, Berg was placed under arrest and charged with reckless manslaughter.

Laura Clark, the bereaved spouse, seeks justice for her husband and is struck with a profound sense of sorrow. Describing the night of the incident, Laura said she sensed something was wrong when her husband did not return home at the usual time.

She fondly remembered her husband as a dedicated servant to the community, having served as a police officer in Tacoma for 14 years before becoming a Tempe park ranger six months ago. Clark’s welcoming personality, love for cooking, and parenthood were some of the traits Laura admired.

Laura voiced her feelings about the incident, emphasizing the consequences of reckless driving, especially among the young. Describing her family’s crushing loss, she expressed uncertainty about how they would carry on without him.

Meanwhile, Berg’s family has also found it hard to bear the weight of the tragic accident.