Student shot to death by police outside middle school

MOUNT HOREB, WI – A student was fatally shot by the police outside Mount Horeb Middle School on Wednesday. The incident occurred following law enforcement’s response to reports of an individual with a firearm near the school’s premises, according to Wisconsin’s Attorney General Josh Kaul.

Kaul refrained from releasing specific details of the incident, only stating that the report indicated a potential armed individual at the middle school, leading the officers to respond and subsequently use deadly force. The individual was confirmed to be a Mount Horeb Area School District student.

In alignment with standard procedures, some officers will be mandated to take leave subsequent to the fatal shooting. The Mount Horeb School District has activated a lockdown procedure at approximately 11:16 a.m., as detailed in a Facebook post. The initial scouring of the middle school premises after the incident did not reveal any other potential threats.

Parents were later allowed to reunite with their children as authorities worked meticulously due to concerns about additional threats. As per Kaul’s remarks, these fears were eventually dispelled after thorough scrutiny.

During the press conference, District Superintendent Steve Salerno praised the preventive security measures that were in place at the school. He highlighted the role of the school’s faculty and staff, who responded commendably despite the challenging circumstances. Salerno also recognized the students who quickly reported the suspicious individual approaching the school.

Mount Horeb, situated nearly 25 miles southwest of Madison, has seen an influx of anxiety among students, parents, and witnesses due to this incident. The school administration, with the help of local law enforcement, is actively working to restore calm and safety within the school community.