Student stabbed outside of high school

WEST JORDAN, UT – Copper Hills High School in West Jordan went into lockdown on Thursday following a violent incident outside the school premises. While the exact nature of the incident was not officially confirmed as a stabbing by West Jordan Police Sgt. Kendall Holt, it was reported that police responded to the school shortly after 12:30 p.m.

Upon arrival, police found a chaotic scene involving students, but a substantial police presence helped contain the situation. According to Holt, three students were engaged in an altercation, resulting in one teenager being transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. The age and gender of the injured student were not disclosed by the authorities.

A video of the altercation was released, which included cursing and name-calling. In the video, several male students are seen involved in the fight, with one student making a rapid stabbing motion towards another. The injured student quickly retreats, realizing he has been hurt. He’s then seen on the video running towards the parking lot, leaving a trail of blood behind. Police confirmed that they have received this video and are including it in their investigation.

Holt emphasized that the incident is believed to be isolated and does not pose an ongoing threat to the community. The two other students involved are being interviewed by detectives as part of the ongoing investigation.

While an active investigation continues at the school, the Jordan School District spokesman, Doug Flagler, indicated that the school had transitioned to a “lockout” protocol by 1:30 p.m., allowing normal activities to resume inside the school. All students present at the time of the incident were reported as safe.

Large portions of the school’s parking lot remained cordoned off by police tape as the school day ended, with efforts underway to coordinate the return of students’ cars, many of which were within the active crime scene. Details regarding the cause of the altercation and the extent of any prior relationship between the individuals involved remain limited.

The incident unfolded in front of the school on the east side, with its dynamics described as fluid, moving through the parking lot and expanding the crime scene. Police have not reported any weapons found at the scene.

Approximately a dozen students were seen near police cars at the scene, separated from other students as detectives sought information from potential witnesses. Two other nearby schools briefly implemented lockout protocols but subsequently reopened.

No timeline was provided for when further updates regarding the victim’s condition might be available.