Student Threatens to ‘Pop Some Bullets’ In Classroom Weeks After Recent School Shooting

The Richneck Elementary School community in Newport News, Virginia, is still reeling from the tragic shooting of Abigail Zwerner, a first-grade teacher, on January 6th. The 6-year-old student responsible for the shooting had legally obtained the gun from his mother, and the school had been warned of the potential danger the day of the shooting. Although Zwerner’s injuries were initially life-threatening, she has since left the hospital and is recovering.

Lawyers for Zwerner have filed a lawsuit against Newport News Public Schools claiming that school administrators were repeatedly warned that the child had a gun the day of the shooting.

Three weeks after the school reopened, a fifth-grade student made threats to “pop some bullets” in a group text conversation that included other classmates. Karen Lynch, an administrator at Richneck, was immediately contacted by the student’s parent and the student was excluded from school.

Lynch said in a letter to families and the Richneck Elementary School community that police were investigating. As a result of the text exchange, a threat assessment is now in progress. She also reassured the community that all protocols were being followed and the incident was being addressed accordingly.

The shooting of Abigail Zwerner and the subsequent threats of violence have highlighted the need for increased safety measures in schools.