Teen mom murders her newborn with a knife

GORDON, NE – A Nebraska teen faces chilling murder charges after allegedly cutting her newborn’s throat, according to an arrest affidavit. The 16-year-old girl from Gordon was arrested following the gruesome event that has left the tight-knit community in shock.

Police responded to the distressing call last Monday pertaining to a newborn baby who was not breathing. Upon arrival, the girl’s father confronted the officers, ominously stating that they had arrived “too late.”

On entry, the officers found the scenario deeply troubling: the baby, cradled in the arms of the sobbing grandmother who was clutching a blanket-swaddled infant. With her repeating claims of the teen having inflicted harm to the baby, she revealed the horrific extent of it – the newborn’s throat had been slashed across the windpipe, accompanied by multiple stab wounds puncturing the chest. The officers watched in shock as EMS immediately rushed to provide emergency aid.

According to the affidavit, the parents speculated that their daughter had procured a kitchen knife, which she used to cause the fatal injuries. The grim reality of this unfolding drama hit home when the girl’s mother came across an unnerving scene in her daughter’s bedroom.

The teen informed her mother she needed to buy pads due to heavy menstrual flow, leaving her horrified mother behind. Upon the girl’s return from the store about 15 minutes later, her mother confronted her, leading to the girl’s shocking admission of killing the baby. The baby was subsequently found by the girl’s father hidden in a closet.

The shocking incident has certainly raised questions about whether the parents were aware of their daughter’s pregnancy. Currently, this remains unclear.

Following the incident, the teen was transported to Gordon Memorial Hospital and later airlifted to Regional West Medical Center for surgery. Horrifyingly, a subsequent search of the property revealed the presence of blood-soaked clothing and towels. The missing kitchen knife, suspected to be the murder weapon, was later found in the girl’s closet.

The unidentified teen received a charge of first-degree murder, in addition to being charged with the use of a deadly weapon. She will return to court on November 16th. As per court records, she is currently being held on no bond.