Teen who said he was going ‘hobo hunting’ pleads not guilty to murdering homeless woman

A teenager has recently pleaded not guilty to the murder of a homeless woman in San Diego. Prosecutors allege that the 19-year-old, William Innes, fatally shot 68-year-old Annette Pershal with a pellet gun. The incident in question occurred on May 7th. Innes, accompanied by co-defendant Ryan Hopkins, allegedly opened fire on Pershal multiple times from a vehicle. The shots struck Pershal in the head, leg, and torso, causing fatal injuries.

Instead of seeking help, the defendants left the scene, leaving Pershal unconscious. She was discovered the following morning and later succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. Innes and Hopkins have been arrested and are currently being held without bond.

Local authorities found Pershal the following morning, unconscious and unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital, where doctors determined that she had sustained multiple pellet gun wounds that were non-survivable. Despite their efforts, Pershal passed away on May 11. Known affectionately as “Grandma Annie” and “Granny Annie,” Pershal had been living on the streets for the past seven or eight years. The medical examiner later confirmed that her death was a homicide.

Police investigators were able to track down Innes and Hopkins, subsequently arresting them on Thursday. During the investigation, officers discovered the alleged murder weapon, a Gamo Shadow Whisper air rifle, at Innes’ residence. Prosecutors also revealed that Innes had written a message in a group chat, stating, “I’m going hobo hunting with a pellet gun,” which included Hopkins as a recipient. Both defendants are currently being held without bond.

Innes faces additional charges of possession of an assault weapon and two counts related to missing firearm serial numbers. Hopkins’ attorney, Vikas Bajaj, plans to argue for bond at an upcoming hearing.