Teenager dies while trying to film stunt for social media

A 17-year-old boy met a tragic end as he fell from Los Angeles’ famed 6th Street Viaduct, the incident appearing to be part of a dangerous social media dare.

Authorities discovered the boy’s body in the early hours of Saturday on the bridge’s eastern side. The teenager’s identity remains undisclosed. He was transported to LA County USC Medical Center, where medical personnel declared him deceased.

Los Angeles Police Chief, Michel Moore, addressed the Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday, stating that the boy fell while attempting to climb one of the bridge’s arches. He was presumably trying to broadcast his daring act on social media.

Inaugurated in July 2022, the 6th Street Viaduct quickly gained status as an LA landmark. However, the bridge has become a headache for local authorities due to its unexpected popularity as a hub for street racing, graffiti, and large illegal gatherings.

Its unique appeal has also made it the venue for various audacious social media challenges, including a hair-raising episode where a thrill-seeker received a haircut in a barber’s chair in the middle of active traffic lanes.

In another grim incident earlier this year, an individual was fatally shot on the bridge’s pedestrian ramp during an unauthorized music video filming session.

The police chief acknowledged the bridge’s simultaneous allure and peril, citing the recent incidents as tragic consequences of the bridge’s misuse. He pledged ongoing added police patrols to deter such perilous activities.