Tenth grader shot dead after basketball game

EAST POINT, GA – The aftershocks of a violent incident following a high school basketball game continue to echo in East Point as a 10th-grade student succumbed to his injuries. The tragic event, involving a shooting and a stabbing, occurred on the Tri-Cities High School campus on Friday night, according to a letter circulated among parents by school authorities.

The altercations resulted in two students being critically wounded. The deceased student has been identified as Mario Bailey, though school officials did not specify whether he was involved in the shooting or the stabbing incident.

In response to the loss, school officials expressed their condolences. They mentioned, “Mario will be deeply missed”. Measures to heighten security, including the deployment of additional Fulton County Schools Police Officers and boosted resources for the school’s Evolv concealed weapons detection system, have been implemented.

The unfortunate incidents transpired after a basketball match between Tri-Cities and Banneker High Schools. East Point Police confirmed hearing gunshots around the vicinity and encountering a shooting victim amidst people leaving the high school post-game. However, the link, if any, between the shooting and stabbing incidents is not clear currently.

As a result of this tragic event, mental health professionals are now available at Tri-Cities High School to support the students.