Texas Grieves Over The Deaths Of Students And Teachers After Uvalde School Shooting

Texas school shooting victims: Third grader, 5 fourth graders, 2 teachers among those killed at Uvalde elementary – NBC News

At least 19 children, including five fourth graders, and two teachers were fatally shot at Robb Elementary School in Texas.

A gunman shot his grandmother, then shot and injured more than a dozen people, including children and law enforcement officers.

Eva Mireles, who taught fourth grade for 17 years, was “trying to protect her students” from the gunman, a relative told The New York Times.

Adalynn Ruiz, Mireles’ daughter, posted a tribute to her mother on Facebook, calling her “the half that makes me whole.” She shared memories from watching TikToks with her mom to singing karaoke.

Uziyah Garcia said she was “furious” over the shooting and others, saying that “rifles should not be easily available to all”.

Mireles’ co-teacher, Irma Garcia, was killed. She was one of 19 San Antonio-area teachers named finalists for excellence in teaching.

Xavier Lopez, 10, and Amerie Jo Garza, 11, were at an awards ceremony when the shooting happened.

Amerie Jo Garza was shot by the gunman who told the students they were going to die, and grabbed her phone to call police. He shot her instead.

Christopher Salazar confirmed that his nephew, Jose Flores Jr., was also killed. “I’m going to miss you baby Jose, i still can’t believe this happened,” Salazar wrote.

The uncle of Alithia Ramirez confirmed her death to NBC News. Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez and Eliahana Cruz Torres were also killed.

Eliahana Cruz Torres and Rojelio Torres were both fourth grade students.

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