Three masked assailants try to murder teenager on school bus

An incident of horrifying audacity unfolded on a Maryland school bus, as three masked individuals targeted the last remaining 14-year-old student onboard, in what officials are calling an “attempted murder.”

The episode transpired during the afternoon drop-off route from Prince George’s County Alternative Middle School on Monday. The attackers, presumed to be teenagers themselves, stormed the bus, one of them waving a firearm and pulling the trigger, as reported by ABC 7.

Despite the trigger being pulled thrice, the gun failed to discharge. The assailants subsequently physically assaulted the student before making a swift exit.

Onboard video footage revealed the chilling moment when one of the masked suspects attempted to shoot the middle school student point-blank. Investigators discovered three unspent rounds on the bus floor, indicating the malfunctioning firearm.

Charoscar Coleman, the associate superintendent of Prince George’s County public schools, appealed to the school community to share any information that might shed light on this calculated attack.

Diggs, advocating for improved safety measures, is calling for heightened security on buses following the attack. He shared that the driver and aide on the bus, though physically unharmed, were left profoundly shaken, realizing that they too could have been victims had the firearm not misfired.

As the investigation into the motive behind the attack continues, the Prince George’s County Police Department is actively seeking any leads regarding the perpetrators. The school has decided not to release the video of the incident to the public.

The extent of injuries sustained by the targeted 14-year-old student remains undisclosed.