Two high school students murdered in daylight drive-by shooting

CHICAGO, IL – A horrific lunch-hour shooting in Chicago’s Loop district resulted in the deaths of two local high school students on Friday. Authorities said that masked assailants, driving two separate vehicles, are believed to be responsible for the brutal attack.

The victims, Robert Boston, 16, and Monterio Williams, 17, were students at Innovations High School, according to statements from the police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. The attack took place around 12:25 p.m., in the vicinity of Washington Street and Wabash Avenue, which is just blocks away from the students’ school at 17 N. State St.

Two vehicles, a dark-colored sedan and an SUV, pulled up near a crowd where masked gunmen emerged and began firing rounds. Four of the culprits apparently made their getaway in a vehicle while another two fled the scene on foot, escaping into a nearby Popeye’s to change clothing in the bathroom.

According to Deputy Police Chief Jon Hein, six students, including the victims, were leaving Innovations when the incident occurred. Both victims were quickly taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital but were pronounced dead shortly after.

Currently, no one is in custody related to the shooting incident, but an investigation is actively ongoing. The Chicago police have issued a request for anyone who may have information about the incident.