Two juvenile males charged as adults for shooting a man in the head during armed robbery

Two 16-year-old males, Derek Reasor and Quaycon George, have been charged as adults for their involvement in an incident that occurred in May, resulting in the death of Bryce Brown and the injury of another victim. The charges were filed after an investigation by the Lawrence Police Department, which included witness accounts, social media messages, and security footage.

A probable cause affidavit claimed that the incident took place on May 26th when Bryce Brown was found shot in the head in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Meanwhile, another victim was discovered with a gunshot wound to the stomach at a nearby gas station. Police later learned that multiple individuals were involved in an attempted robbery of Brown and others in his vehicle, which escalated into gunfire.

Witnesses who were in the car with Brown informed the police that they had driven to a Lawrence apartment complex for a drug deal. They recalled multiple individuals approaching the vehicle with guns, demanding their belongings. As Brown tried to drive away, shots were fired.

Detectives reviewed security camera footage from a nearby gas station and identified four suspects, including Reasor and George, who were present before the shooting. The witnesses at the scene were also able to identify the subjects in the footage. Further investigation revealed that Reasor’s phone records placed him in the area of the homicide on May 26th.

Court documents showed that detectives examined Reasor’s Instagram account and discovered relevant messages from the day of the shooting in a group chat involving multiple other accounts, including one belonging to Quayvon George. These Instagram Direct messages were deemed significant by the police.

As a result of the investigation, four individuals were arrested for their involvement in the incident. Derek Reasor is being tried as an adult and is now facing multiple charge. These charges include two counts of attempted murder, two counts of robbery causing injury, attempted murder, armed robbery, and dangerous possession of a firearm. Quayvon George is charged with murder, two counts of robbery causing injury, and armed robbery. Both Reasor and George have jury trials scheduled for September 18th.

The Lawrence Police Department confirmed that two other individuals involved in the incident were also arrested but are being charged as juveniles.