Two killed after car crashes into brick wall

OCOEE, FL – A tragic single-vehicle crash in Ocoee claimed two lives on Saturday morning, according to local authorities. The accident happened at the intersection of Ocoee Apopka Road and Summershade Drive, near the Forest Brooke Estates. A visual inspection of the site revealed a silver sedan that had apparently crashed into a tree and a brick wall.

Ryan Dewitt, a local resident, was awoken by the impact. “We were sleeping and heard a loud crash; it sounded like a tree falling through the house,” stated Dewitt. He rushed out of his house after the crash, which occurred just before 3:00 a.m., to see the sedan engulfed in flames.

Dewitt lamented that there wasn’t any way to save the occupants of the vehicle, describing the desperate attempts by law enforcement officials at the accident site. Falling debris from the crash shattered his living room window, and the damage to his home could have been much worse, he indicated. Dewitt noted that the tree was what stopped the car from crashing through his home and hitting his bed.

Another resident, Eric Gilreath, voiced his sorrow over the incident, stating, “It makes me feel sad knowing how someone’s life can be taken so quick.”

Traffic on Ocoee Apopka Road was halted for several hours as emergency responders attended to the scene. The severely damaged sedan was eventually towed away.