Two killed, four injured in mass shooting at party

JONESBORO, AR – A horrific shooting incident in Jonesboro, Arkansas, has left two individuals dead and four others injured, according to local law enforcement. Police reports confirm that the alleged shooter is now deceased as well.

Around 5 a.m. on Sunday, police officers rushed to a local neighborhood after receiving reports of a shooting. At the scene, they discovered multiple victims bearing gunshot wounds. As per Sally Smith, a spokesperson for Jonesboro Police, the shooting ensued during a private party that took place in a vacant building located in the northeastern part of Little Rock.

The suspected shooter was acquainted with the two deceased victims- one male and one female- as well as another female who was wounded during the incident, according to an updated Facebook post by the police. The incident seems to be a result of a domestic dispute. The two female victims were sisters, and the male shooter had ties with one of them, Smith elaborated.

Besides these victims, three other individuals were injured in the crossfire. As of now, the information about the victims’ ages and the specifics of the shooter’s death remains undisclosed. Jonesboro Police continue to investigate the matter but have assured the public that there is no ongoing threat to the community.

The tragic event marks one of the 73 instances of mass shootings already witnessed in the US this year, as recorded by the Gun Violence Archive.