Two men found dead in workplace shooting

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Authorities have revealed the identities of two men who were involved in a fatal workplace shooting. The deadly gunfire broke out in Salt Lake City over the weekend. The men involved in the incident have been identified as Hay Ly, 61, and Miller Bin, 56. They reportedly were co-workers.

Released details suggest that Bin fired at Ly before committing suicide. The unfortunate incident occurred at Varex Imaging, situated at 1678 S. Pioneer Road.

The violent event took place in the afternoon on Sunday. Authorities arriving on the scene reported locating Ly and declaring him deceased within the business premises. Bin was also found dead in an adjacent parking lot.

In a recent statement, Salt Lake City Police stated that preliminary findings indicate that Bin, a Varex Imaging employee, shot Ly within the workplace. Subsequently, Bin turned the gun on himself, committing suicide in the company’s parking lot, according to police assessments.

Officers recovered a firearm that was found in close proximity to Bin’s body. An additional sweep of the area performed by law enforcement officials verified that there were no other victims involved in the shooting.

An ongoing investigation aims to understand the motive behind this tragic event. Authorities maintain that Varex Imaging is fully cooperating with officials during this process.