Two women drive 80-year-old man’s dead body to bank to steal money from his account

ASHTABULA, OH – A bizarre crime unfolded in Ashtabula, Ohio, with two women charged for transporting a deceased elderly man to his bank to withdraw money. The women later left the man’s lifeless body at Ashtabula County Medical Center. The suspects, Loreen Feralo and Karen Casbohm, are facing charges of theft and gross abuse of a corpse.

Chief Robert Stell of Ashtabula Police Department disclosed details about the odd incident. The woman allegedly drove with the body of 80-year-old Douglas Layman, whom they shared a home with, to the bank and then to the medical center. Initially, they provided the hospital with no information regarding the man. However, hours later, one of them called the facility to relay some details about Layman.

Following their interview with the authorities, Feralo and Casbohm were arraigned in Ashtabula Municipal Court. Police reports indicate that the women discovered Layman’s lifeless body in the shared home. They then enlisted the aid of a third unidentified person to place Layman in the front seat of his car, positioning him in a way that he would be visible to bank personnel for the illicit withdrawal.

Further charges against the pair are being considered. Ashtabula County Prosecuting Attorney Cecilia Cooper described the incident as “very unusual.” Reports indicate that the withdrawn sum was around $900, with the revelation that the bank had permitted the women to withdraw from Layman’s account in the past, as long as he was present. Both Feralo and Casbohm reportedly had no familial ties to Layman.

Penalties for their alleged crime could include up to a year in prison, while the cause of Layman’s death remains undisclosed. The local police department is appealing to the public for any additional information on the case.