Two-year-old shot dead by his toddler brother

COVINGTON, KY – The parents of a deceased two-year-old Kentucky boy, fatally shot by his three-year-old brother, have been apprehended on charges of manslaughter. Selena Farrell, 23, and Tashaun Adams, 21, were arrested Thursday, alongside an accomplice who allegedly assisted in evading the authorities.

Farrell, held without bond overnight at the Kenton County Jail, was charged with manslaughter, firearms possession by a felon, child abandonment, and probation violation. She denied guilt during her video arraignment from the county jail on Friday.

Khalil Adams, the toddler, died at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center on Monday. His mother is implicated for leaving a loaded handgun within reach of the three-year-old child, who subsequently shot his younger sibling. Further details are expected to be disclosed on Friday in a news conference by Kenton County Prosecutor Rob Sanders.

On Thursday morning, the toddler’s father was arrested by Florence police and later confined at Boone County Jail. Adams was charged with manslaughter and obstruction of justice. He isn’t scheduled to appear in Kenton County court to face the manslaughter charge until he is relieved from Boone County Jail custody. His bail for the obstruction charge stands at $25,000 and a court hearing is slated for February 15.

Adams and Farrell, aided by their accomplice Jeremiah Thomas, were alleged to be hiding at a Boone County hotel. Thomas, 20, was also arrested Thursday and booked at Boone County Jail on charges of hindering prosecution. However, Thomas has since been released on his own recognizance.

The arrests come in the wake of Monday’s police response to reports of a child shot near Skyline Apartments. Farrell apparently fled the scene before law enforcement’s arrival and never appeared at the hospital. It is suspected her hasty departure was influenced by an outstanding warrant for probation violation.

Adams told the police he was sleeping when the gunshot was heard. He claimed that when he woke up, he found his child bleeding significantly. His immediate response was to call 911.

Farrell admitted to having purchased the gun before becoming a felon, but left it with Adams. It was at the time of this confession that the prosecutor announced a warrant for her arrest.