University stabbing attack leaves woman in critical condition

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – A violent incident unfolded on the Australian National University campus in Canberra on Monday afternoon, leaving a young woman critically injured from a stabbing attack. Two 20-year-old women were victims of the stabbing, while a man was assaulted, sustaining minor injuries. Both women were rushed to the hospital, with one in a critical state and the other stable.

Authorities have apprehended a 24-year-old male suspect, who is not believed to be a student at the university. The man is currently in police custody, although charges have not been filed yet. The police have not disclosed any details about the suspect’s identity or a possible motive behind the attack.

An eyewitness, who chose to remain anonymous, recounted seeing a large number of police officers sprinting across the university’s Fellows Oval. The officers apprehended the suspect, pinning him against a hill and handcuffing him. The witness also reported seeing a visible wound on one of the victims’ back.

The witness described the scene as calm, with people complying with police instructions to clear the area. Alicia Payne, the federal MP for Canberra, expressed her concern for the university staff and students on social media. The university administration urged students and staff to avoid the Fellows Oval near the Chifley Library, although the police assured there was no direct threat to the community.

The vice-chancellor of the university, Prof Brian Schmidt, sent an email to staff and students, assuring them that the situation was under control and that support was available for those distressed by the incident. The university’s security app sent out two alerts, informing about the incident and the subsequent closure of parts of the university.