UPS truck gets highjacked at gunpoint in Maryland

GLENARDEN, MD – A UPS delivery vehicle was carjacked at gunpoint during a daytime delivery in Prince George’s County, captured vividly on a local resident’s doorbell camera. The delivery driver was delivering packages on Sunday afternoon when multiple assailants surrounded her and seized her vehicle in broad daylight. Prince George’s County police stated that detectives were called to the scene located in the 9000 block of Elk Avenue in Glenarden around 2 p.m.

This incident occurred in the newly established Westridge Westphalia neighborhood. Video footage from a Ring doorbell camera captured the event. The video shows the distraught UPS driver being encompassed by what appears to be multiple suspects. The driver can also be heard shouting that her vehicle got hijacked at gunpoint.

The homeowner who shared the video with news outlets initially mistook the commotion for a household quarrel happening outside, only to realize a daylight carjacking had occurred. “It’s very brazen, in the middle of the day. Most homes here have cameras, so to witness this right in front of everyone’s houses who have cameras, it’s unnerving,” commented the neighbor, opting to stay anonymous.

He also shared hopes for an improvement in the area’s safety. “You hope things get a little better. Given the current climate, it’s unfortunate that we have to maintain constant vigilance,” he added.

UP acknowledged the incident in a statement and assured cooperation with law enforcement in the ongoing investigation. Police confirmed that the victim wasn’t harmed in the incident; however, arrests have yet to be made. The same neighbor reported that the hijacked vehicle was discovered deserted not far from the scene and was later towed away.