Violent fight breaks out at Spirit Airlines counter

BALTIMORE, MD – An incident involving a violent altercation broke out at Spirit Airlines’ ticket counter at BWI Marshall Airport early this week, leading to the suspension of four contract employees. The brawl, which was caught on video, showed a barefoot man in a gray T-shirt and black shorts challenging others around him before punches were thrown. A man dressed in a white shirt is seen initiating a punch, triggering other individuals to join, as they assault the man in gray while pinning him down.

Sgt. Brady McCormick, a spokesperson for the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA), responsible for law enforcement at the airport, stated that the officers were alerted about the altercation at about 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday. The fight involved a total of five individuals, one of whom suffered minor injuries.

Information on victims’ rights and services, including the process of filing criminal charges at the local commissioner’s office, was provided to the individuals involved.

The agents at the ticket counter were employees of a third-party vendor contracted by Spirit Airlines. Following the incident, the vendor suspended four of their workers pending an investigation.

Both MDTA and Spirit Airlines failed to respond to inquiries about what triggered the fight. The identities of the individuals involved had not been disclosed as of Friday evening.