Violent sex offender arrested after holding a woman captive in cinderblock cell

The FBI has announced an investigation into a the history of a violent sex assault offender. The suspect allegedly held a woman captive in a makeshift cinderblock cell in his Oregon garage. The suspect, identified as Negasi Zuberi, is believed to have other victims, according to authorities. Zuberi was apprehended on July 16 after the victim managed to escape and seek help. Officials have linked him to four violent sexual assaults across multiple states, although specific locations have not been disclosed. Zuberi has been charged with interstate kidnapping and is currently in custody.

Law enforcement agencies focused their attention on Zuberi after he traveled from his home in Klamath Falls, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington. There, he posed as an undercover police officer, using a badge and a Taser to coerce a woman into his vehicle. During the 450-mile journey back to his residence, Zuberi sexually assaulted the victim. Upon arrival, he confined her in a cinderblock cell he had constructed in his garage, which had a metal door that could not be opened from the inside.

The victim, realizing the dire situation she was in, fought her way out of the cell by repeatedly banging on the door until it broke open. She then flagged down a passing motorist who promptly called 911. The Klamath Falls Police Department obtained a search warrant for Zuberi’s residence, where they discovered the cell as described by the victim.

Further evidence was found at the scene, including blood on a wooden fence that the victim had climbed to escape, as well as her purse located next to the makeshift cell. Inside Zuberi’s home, law enforcement recovered handwritten notes, one of which mentioned “Operation take over” and included instructions to leave the phone at home and ensure the absence of any potential investigations. Zuberi managed to flee but was eventually apprehended in Reno, Nevada, on July 16, where he was found in a car with one of his children.

Following a 45-minute standoff, Zuberi was taken into custody. He has been charged with interstate kidnapping, which could result in a maximum sentence of life in federal prison. Washoe County, Nevada, also filed additional charges against him, including false imprisonment, child neglect, false imprisonment with the victim as a shield, fugitive from another state, and assault with a deadly weapon. Zuberi appeared in federal court in Nevada on July 26, and he is currently being transferred to Oregon for further legal proceedings.

The FBI is urging anyone with information about Zuberi or potential additional victims to come forward. The investigation is still being conducted, and authorities are working diligently to ensure justice is served for all those affected by his alleged crimes.