Weekend shooting breaks out near university campus

ATLANTA, GA – Concerns over safety are mounting among Georgia State University (GSU) students in the wake of a weekend shooting near their campus that left four people injured, including two students. The incident broke out near a gas station on John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, a location known for attracting trouble.

Mehki Lawrence, a GSU student, expressed her unease about campus safety, stating that she always identifies exit points and avoids going out alone at night. Many students share her cautious approach, especially after the recent shooting.

The police reported that Sunday’s shooting resulted from a dispute between two groups that escalated into gunfire. Three of the victims, one man and two women, are in stable condition, while the fourth victim, a woman, remains in critical condition. It is unclear which of the victims are the students.

This incident comes six months after a shooting in April, in which another student was shot, and a similar incident occurred the previous December, resulting in a fatality. All these events took place at or near the RaceTrac gas station, located near the intersection of Piedmont Avenue.

Ava Greer, another GSU student, expressed concerns about the gas station, which is situated across the street from the school’s dining hall, drawing crowds that sometimes lead to trouble.

University President M. Brian Blake acknowledged the challenges of addressing the situation, as the gas station is privately owned. However, the university is working with the city to enhance student safety.

GSU Police Chief Anthony Coleman noted that the school had increased patrols and stationed an off-duty officer in the area after the April shooting. Despite these measures, students like Greer and Lawrence believe more can be done to enhance safety.

RaceTrac’s corporate headquarters, located in Atlanta, released a statement confirming their collaboration with GSU police to improve safety at the location. Meanwhile, GSU officials are conducting listening sessions and town halls for students to outline safety improvements and facilitate discussions on potential enhancements.