Wife accused of poisoning Air Force husband’s coffee with bleach amid divorce

TUCSON, AZ – A shocking incident involving a U.S. Air Force airman and his wife has come to light, with the wife accused of attempting to murder her husband by poisoning his coffee with bleach. The accused, Melody Felicano Johnson, 39, was arrested in August in Tucson, Arizona, on charges of attempted murder. The alleged poisoning attempts took place both in Germany, where the couple was stationed, and in Arizona.

The husband, Roby Johnson, reportedly noticed a strange taste in his coffee for about two weeks while they were in Germany in March. The couple, who have children together, were in the process of getting a divorce at the time. Court documents reveal that Roby suspected his wife was trying to poison him, as she was aware of his routine of preparing his coffee pot at night for the next morning.

Instead of confronting his wife immediately, Roby decided to gather evidence and wait until they returned to the U.S. to report his suspicions to law enforcement. The family relocated to David Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona in early July. Video footage from July 5 shows Johnson appearing to look around suspiciously in the kitchen while allegedly carrying out her plan.

Despite filing a report with the Tucson Police Department on July 6, no immediate action was taken as the video did not clearly show what substance was being added to his drink. However, on July 16, Johnson was filmed transferring bleach from a large bottle to a smaller container in their laundry room, before pouring the contents into the coffee maker.

Roby continued to test his coffee maker regularly, confirming his suspicions when the test came out positive for chlorinated water. He submitted the evidence to the police, leading to Johnson’s arrest on July 18. Court documents suggest that Roby believes his wife’s motive was to collect benefits after his death.

Johnson is currently held at Pima County Jail on a $250,000 bond, facing charges of attempted homicide, attempted aggravated assault, and adding poison to food/drink. Upon her arrest, Johnson requested an attorney and has not been questioned. The judge deemed her a flight risk due to her family ties in the Philippines and set a high bond.