Will Mask Mandates Come Back?

A third of US should be considering masks, officials say – The Associated Press

Federal health officials warned that a third of Americans now live in areas where Covid-19 is a high threat, and that local leaders and individuals in those regions should consider prevention strategies such as masking in indoor public settings and more frequent testing.

The warnings from Dr. Walensky and other federal health officials seemed at odds with President Biden’s own stance. The president no longer wears a mask in most settings, and has rarely addressed the pandemic in his recent speeches.

Mr. Biden says the shift in his tone is a result of the country’s success in fighting the pandemic. But a former adviser to the Biden White House said the nation’s attention has shifted to other issues and the pandemic is now seen as one more thing.

Experts say that if people become complacent now, they could pay a price in the fall and winter when the virus is reinvigorated. The administration has said it wants to launch a booster campaign in the fall.

Experts say the rise in cases of the flu is already well underway, but it is unclear whether the rise will be accompanied by a rise in hospitalizations and deaths.

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